Ideas and inspiration for Wedding Koozies and Beach Resort

Beach weddings are a great idea for fun and more informal celebrations. If weather permits, there is a little better than marriage with the bright sun and the sound of the waves rolling behind you. There’s also no place where cold beer is valued more, so it seems all in all that Koozie’s wedding is the perfect wedding for this occasion! However, there are many options to choose from, some with a completely different look and feel. So, if you thought Koozie would work at your wedding on the beach, read some of our best ideas and inspiration.
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Scenic Beach Wedding Koozies

The simplest beach wedding on Koozie is just a picture of the sea, rolling surf and sand with perhaps a stunning sunset as well while adding the required text over the top. Some photos might obviously fit your wedding site better than others: those with palm trees are perfect for Florida and Los Angeles, but they may not suit beach weddings in Oregon or Maine a lot! Most Koozie suppliers must have a good library of public beach picks on file to choose from, and there is definitely one that fits your destination, be it the Gulf of Mexico or Alaska!

To start your quest to find ideas, perhaps try searching with Google Images to find something you like the look to help designers find your best match.

Koozies wedding website

To make your Koozies Beach wedding more personal Why not looking, or even take yourself if possible, a picture of the beach on which you got married? Of course many beaches can look quite similar, so look for a local landmark to include in your shot if you can: building, rock formation, protruding large tree or perhaps palm trees. It’s obvious that the thing people would know when they’re there is perfect if Koozie should serve as a reminder of the day for people who have walked a distance. Don’t worry if you are not able to get 100% things in your photo, there are a lot of tricks that good koozie designers can use to clean and improve the photos you send. This could be erasing electricity poles, cars, and people, to increase the blue color in the sky as well.

If you’re having trouble getting the perfect shot on your own, one of the good tricks a good photographer uses is to take shots either in the early morning or later afternoon, just before sunset. There is a different quality of light at these times and the shadows are more interesting. Besides, it is difficult to get lighting in bright sunlight sometimes, especially if the thing you want to photograph is in the wrong place in relation to the sun.

Another possibility, but difficult to arrange or find, is an aerial snapshot of where you are to be married. Try to ask the resort or hotel, if you have one reservation, if they have any photos that you might use as these pictures are often taken for promotional materials.

Personalize your Koozies wedding beach as well

If you can get to the beach, there are some other ideas that you might want to try as well. Why not write your names in the sand and take a snapshot from a distance if the local geography allows – or perhaps the initials of your name and date? These shots also make Save the Date pictures so cool too – other photos we’ve seen often at Koozies’ weddings are simply hearts drawn in the sand – with or without a single letter or initials. Then the other text will be added later in the design process.

Another interesting idea worth noting includes the bride and groom taking a picture of themselves on the beach – in more casual clothes, for example hats and sunglasses, or perhaps in a more exotic position like just a shot of their feet, either naked or flip-flops! If the composition is correct, then these images provide great and fun pictures, as the couple stands either on sand or in gentle waves while washing.

Beach Icons Iconic Object Koozies

There are a lot of things that just say “shore”: sea shells, starfish and coconuts are few. Some locations may have more to choose from – premium boats from Thailand for example. Setting these shots is very easy. Place the object in a pretty clean area on some sand, gravel or stone (depending on your beach), place yourself looking at the item with the beach and the ocean behind it. Focus on what you pick and pick. In a good picture, the sandy and sea background color will be a little unclear, but the front crust or starfish pin is sharp. It’s called depth of field, hard to get directly with cheaper cameras or phone cameras designed to hold everything in focus, and it’s easier with better SLR cameras with a long lens. However, once again, the good Koozie designer armed with Photoshop tool will be able to isolate the foreground object and blur the background for you!

We’ve also seen some Koozies wedding photos with flowers on them, and they can be neatly placed on sand, perhaps a stone wall or on the edge of a pool with clean blue water behind and looking stunning. Frangipani, hibiscus and paradise birds are the famous tropical flower options. Palms also make beautiful shots. Try to frame the ocean between two or two banks of trees. Better yet, wait for the sun to rise to bring beautiful orange, red and purple colors to the picture. A couple of hammocks or beach chairs symbolize your partner and you are great ideas to add to the mix too.

Koozies Wedding Resort

Finally, if you and your guests are staying before or during the resort’s wedding, the image of the aforementioned resort can also serve as a wonderful memorial to this occasion. Most hotels and resorts will have some great photos taken of brochures and websites. They are unlikely to have any problem asking them if you can use them at your Koozies wedding because they are almost an advertisement for them!