Bariloche or Las Lenas – which is the best ski resort?

When summer arrives in the U.S., ski and snowboarding enthusiasts move to South America in search of good snow and some great skiing and snowboarding experiences. Among all, Las Lenas and Cerro Catedral in San Carlos de Bariloche are the two popular names for snow sports enthusiasts. But to find out which is better, you first need to know each of the points in the details.

Las Lenas is located in the western part of Mendoza Province, and is known for its fine climate, crushed snow and great opportunities to ski outside the piste. Here the ski season starts from mid-June to mid-October. The Las Linas Ski Center opened in 1983 alongside a 300-bed hotel. It also includes a skateboard and ski school for people of all ages, as well as childcare facilities. You will also find a small shopping center with ski shops, a bank, a supermarket, souvenir shops and chocolates. Las Lenas can be reached by bus, car or plane.

On the other hand, Cerro Catedral is located about 19 km from San Carlos de Bariloche, inside the Nahuel Huapi National Park. This is one of the largest ski centers in South America with over 100 km of ski tracks. Probably the most popular among ski enthusiasts due to ideal skiing with excellent views of Lake Nahuel Huapi. With so many hostels and hotels at the foot of the mountain, Bariloche has become the most popular tourist destination in Argentina with lots of skiing, trekking, water sports and climbing.

Cerro Catedral offers many opportunities for all types of skiing such as freestyle, off-piste and even cross-country skiing, which has many bars and bumps where snowboarders can show their abilities. The cathedral offers an advanced snow making system that produces real snow flakes covering a ski surface of about 10 hectares.

Bariloche has an advantage over Las Linas

If you only target skiing and snowboarding, Las Lenas is perfect for you. But Bariloche has an added advantage of other activities that tourists can do apart from skiing and snowboarding. Moreover, if you are looking to experience some true Argentine culture, Bariloche is the place to look for. Las Linas may disappoint if you want to see Argentine culture.

Once again, Las Lenas is a much smaller city compared to Bariloche and has expensive residence facilities with only skiing opportunities. However, Cerro Catedral near Bariloche is equipped with all kinds of modern facilities directly from medical facilities to currency exchange facilities to budget accommodation.

If you are not snowboarding or skiing on the Cerro Catedral slopes, you can take a city bus to get to Bariloche, where you can immerse yourself in a lot of other activities. You can easily go for excursions to the Chocolate Museum or stroll around Circuito Chio. Fly fishing, ATV tours, day trips to resorts like Cerro Bayo or to towns like El Bolson or horse riding – a variety is available here. But when snow is at its best, you’ll likely spend more and more time on the Cerro Catedral slopes.

If you want to enjoy snow, Bariloche and Las Lenas are almost the same in terms of fun-filled snow activities as snowboarding and skiing. But for a more complete vacation, Bariloche has no other competition.