Sandals Resorts – Jamaica

Sandals Resorts offer romance with the letter “R”. Starting from Montego Bay, Jamaica, with the first estate, sandals now own more than a dozen (and growing) scattered over several other islands, including Saint Lucia, Antigua and Bahamas, the all-inclusive resort concept, for couples only to record “ten” to spend a month Honey for a number of reasons. For starters, their very comprehensive plan, paying in advance for almost everything, is the real winner for accommodations, meals, snacks, and bar drinks including branded alcoholic drinks, water sports, tennis, golf, tips and anything else you can think of is included in the package . Since many young couples have a set amount to spend, knowing that there will be no surprises upon checkout provide a high level of emotional comfort.

The resorts themselves are romantic and private. Guided by its founder and dynamic boss, Gordon “Butch” Stewart, the sandals have a reputation for consistently delivering what they promise: a romantic “no problem” holiday. The Sandal Standards are king size beds, lovely décor, a full range of sports and fitness facilities, and all water sports you can think of including diving and crew shining like children on their first day of summer vacation.

The fact that you can walk to any of the bars and order a drink or food without having to sign a sheet or withdraw your wallet is a huge advantage. This also applies to restaurants. You can eat the same night or eat around. You can order anything on the menu, wine, beer, mixed drinks, whatever you are in a good mood, all part of the package.

There is a huge list of activities available to guests, all of which are free. On hand to maintain an upbeat mood and arrange special activities and parties are the active game makers. If you want to go from dawn to dusk, water skiing, hiking, or play tennis or golf at Sandals Golf and Country Club, you can choose from a wide range of activities on any of the sandal properties. And if you’re tired of the scenery where you stay, you can jump on a shuttle and spend the evening in one of the other sandal resorts as part of the concept of “staying in one, playing in six, enjoying all”.

You will find many young newlyweds to share wedding stories with their honeymoon at Sandals, and since the resorts work exclusively for couples, you won’t have to share your pool space with any children. Many husbands get married here and continue to make a friendship that may last a lifetime.

The restaurants in the sandals are great. Dinner features à la carte menus, and couples can eat alone or with other couples. Breakfast and lunch are buffets, but the great touch of sandals is the “white glove” service, where the waiter takes your stairs to your table. Each resort averages four restaurants, and they all offer a completely different dining experience, ranging from casual to elegant casual. Most of the restaurants are directed to the sea, and Bali Hai’s restaurant at Sandals Royal Jamaican is already on his private island.

If you like Italian food, head to Cucina Romana, at Sandals Montego Bay, where you can dine from the fresh pasta of your choice while enjoying the sunset view from your outdoor deck. Nearby, at Sandals Royal Jamaican, the Courtyard Hotel treats its dinners to freshly grilled specialties. And if you like Japanese food, you can try Kimonos at Sandals Negril. Here you will have a delicious oriental food prepared right in front of you.

Sandals went to the Netherlands to find an authentic Indonesian chef for Bali Hai. Since the restaurant is located just off the beach from Sandals Royal Jamaican, access to it with the resort’s private launch is part of the fun. Once you reach the entrance of the restaurant, a stewardess wraps a silky colored scarf around you, “Zik” in the evening. Dinner sits on long tables where hot and spicy dishes, as well as moderate ones, are placed in the center for everyone to take.

In this elegant category, the Oleander Bay Sands Montego Bay room, the brainchild of Horace Petrkin, the general manager of the adventure resort, is on the roof and cozy décor with copper lamps, chandeliers and palladian windows overlooking the sea. This is your chance to try some delicious Jamaican specialties.If you feel hungry between meals, every sandal resort has a “barbecue at any time” that is well open at night, and serves snacks as well as a la carte. Both the characteristics of the sandals offer the same quality of services and facilities. However, the place you choose will depend on what is really important to you. Every place has its own unique attractions.