North American ski resorts

Those who love cold temperatures and want to enjoy skiing in the season and cooler areas will enjoy some of the best ski resorts that North America has to offer. Many of these ski resorts offer amazing beauty as well as an Olympic quality ski experience.

Some of the best hills have been used in the Winter Olympics throughout history, and while many may claim that the Alps are the best and most ideal skiing place, one will find many ski resorts in their hometown or within a few hours a car by plane from their homes.

If you are a fan of skiing the affluent on the ski slopes, Aspen, Colorado is the place to be. Located in the Rocky Mountains region, this luxury ski resort offers excellent skiing and a great location for a vacation to Americans within their own borders.

How about a European vacation without going to Europe? You can try a little European flair at Mount Tremblant, Quebec which boasts of its high-quality ski resort in North America, with local French-speaking people who will add to the attractive atmosphere; Mount Tremblant can give the look and feel of a ski vacation from afar.

For those on the East Coast who want to stay close to home, Stowe, Vermont offers a nice ski resort featuring large skiing and heavy snowfall for winter skiing activities.

Lake Louise, Alberta is near the Calgary International Airport, and some offer close-to recreational skiing located near the impressive Rocky Mountain Range with surrounding prairies and beautiful landmarks to boot.

Then there is Whistler, British Columbia that hosted some winter Olympic events in 2010. It prides itself on being one of the best ski resorts not only in North America but in the world and it is a great place for those who take skiing seriously.

Whatever one of the major ski resorts that you choose as a place to spend your vacation, you will meet an absolutely amazing sight unlike any other place in which you may travel the world.