Marari Beach Kerala

Marari is a quiet destination in Kerala located away from the crazy crowd. It is a quiet fishing village located between Cochin and Alibi. This place is famous all over the world for its beautiful sandy stretch, palm-filled bays, blue sea and beautiful surroundings. The complex beauty of nature attracts a large number of tourists to this place for an unforgettable vacation.

Along with the splendor of natural Marari Beach also offers Ayurvedic treatments. This place contains some of the popular Ayurvedic centers that offer excellent treatments that renew the mind, body and spirit of visitors.

During the Marari Beach Tour, tourists can stay in shacks and resorts known for world-class facilities and services. These resorts are the best place to stay as they provide tourists with an opportunity to spend their holidays in beautiful natural surroundings. There are about 50 cottages and resorts on this beach offering modern facilities, Ayurvedic treatments and yoga sessions.

Marari Beach activities

The endless stretch of golden sand in this place is ideal for beach walks and leisure. The soft and silvery sand surrounding a vast area of ​​the blue sea showcases the beauty of nature in its unspoilt shape. This dramatic scenery composition necessitates a large number of tourists from several parts of the world.

Besides this Marari beach, it is also famous for its many water sports activities that add to the charm of this place. Swimming is the most popular and popular water sports here. Aside from these tourists they can also enjoy fun from windsurfing, windsurfing, water rides, water skiing, water skiing, speedboat riding, snorkeling and diving.

This beach is also famous for its food stalls offering many deadly foods. There are many beachside dining outlets that offer visitors a variety of delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

The main attractions near Merari Beach are:

St. Francis Church

This is the oldest European church in India which was built from wood in 1530. The wooden architecture of this church impressed tourists during their visit to this historic monument.

Dutch palace

This is a beautiful palace located in Mattancherry. The palace was built by the Portuguese in 1555 and was introduced to the ruler of Cochin Vera Kerala Pharma. This palace is famous for its beautiful decorations, wooden ceilings and handicrafts preserved for the past year. The murals that are made on the palace wall are the most attractive. These paintings depict scenes from the Hindu epic Ramayana.

Chinese fishing net

Due to its attractive appearance, this fishing net is a popular tourist attraction of this place. It was introduced by Chinese explorer Zheng He in 1350.