5 interesting facts about Lovina Beach in northern Bali

Not in northern Bali as widely as southern Bali, North Bali has a distinct and unique personality. Lovina, a densely populated area of ​​pristine black sandy beach, has become a favorite destination for tourists wanting to escape the crowded south of Bali. Lovina Beach is home to attractive hotels, secluded resorts and vacation villas built on or near the beach. Visitors to North Bali will discover that the area offers a much more rewarding holiday experience than cookie cutter packages in southern Bali.

Here are five facts you might not know about Lovina:

1. The name “Lovina” is a relatively recent development initiated by a government official with advanced thinking in the 1950s. Lovina is basically the name given 10 kilometers from the beach west of the historic capital of Bali, Singaraga. Previously, this area consisted of seven small fishing villages: Temucos, Calipocbok, Anturan, Pimarron, Tocad Monga, Baniwaliet and Kaliasim, which came together to form Lovina Resort. Calipocbook is the most constructive area and can be considered the main hub of Lovina.

2. Unlike southern Bali, Lovina’s beach consists of black sand. While white sand beaches are created from the remains of coral reefs and dead marine crustaceans, black sand beaches originate from lava flows.

3. The ornate dolphin statue in downtown Lovina and the abundance of dolphin sculptures for sale are a clear indication of the region’s rapprochement with the dolphins. The calm waters off Lovina’s coast are home to many dolphins horns. Cute mammal likes to enjoy passing boats, which makes seeing dolphins one of Lovina’s most popular tourist attractions.

4 – Lovina is located a few kilometers west of Singaraga, the seat of the Dutch colonial authority in Bali. Always worth a visit to anyone staying in Lovina, Singaraja maintains the look and feel of the Old Dutch colonial city. Singaraja also has the distinction of being the most multi-ethnic city of Bali, with clear European, Arab and Chinese influences – testimony to the city’s importance as a major commercial center in the past days.

5. Lovina is cheaper than the rest of Bali! This should come as a welcome news for budget travelers as it allows them to have the perfect Bali experience without having to stay in the ever-increasing cost of the south. Hotels, meals and cost of living are generally lower in Lovina.