Bulgaria – summer sun and winter skiing – and much more in between!

There is no secret to why Bulgaria has emerged over the past few years – it is the best destination for beach holidays in Europe. Here are ten tips on what Bulgaria has to offer for your vacation all year round.

Beaches: You may not expect to find places with English names such as Sunny Beach and Golden Sands, but these resorts dating back to the 1960s have been updated to date while upgrading to their names. Sunny Beach is great and magnificent – the golden sands are better for a more relaxing break.

Beaches in addition to: You don’t have to stay in a resort specifically designed to enjoy the beach. Nessebar, a few miles from Sunny Beach, is a “living museum” city from the cobbled streets and historic buildings that are accessed by a bridge of beach hotels. Sozopol is another ancient city with a busy modern neighborhood.

Spa and wellness: Many of the new hotels that have appeared in beach resorts offer beauty treatments and treatments. Aromatherapy and seawater therapy are among options.

skiing: Pamporovo and Borovets resorts are especially good for beginners and a lot of money has been spent on improving standards of accommodation, ski schools and ski lifts. Bansko Resort is also good for middle classes and experts as well, and is the most comprehensive, with 40 miles of branded skis.

Mountain activities: Bansko is a year-round resort with plenty in summer as well. Try kayaking, mountain biking, canoeing, or trekking to Mount Vehrin at 3000 meters above sea level.

Cruising: He drove off to Varna to discover the Black Sea, and stopped at places including Sozopol and Nessebar. Longer cruises visit Romania and Turkey.

History:A tour inside opens your eyes to medieval land and Orthodox monasteries. Do not miss the visit of Old Plovdiv (Bulgaria’s second largest city), the former capital Veliko Tarnovo and Rila Monastery.

wine: Many vineyards welcome visitors, where you can taste unknown and unrated wine perfumes such as Lyaskovets and Haskovo.

Country Pleasures: The villages returned to life after the communist grouping policy. Farm residences began to evolve – and the food is delicious.

Capital of Culture: Sofia is a surprisingly diverse city, with ancient mosques and synagogues between the cathedral and the Orthodox churches. It is close to Mount Vitosha, and has a glimpse of a day or a half of nature.

Bulgaria is not just a great choice for the sun and sand but rather a place of history and culture, as people rediscovered their traditions after the gloomy years of communism.

With low-cost flights to Bulgaria from all over Europe, holidays in Bulgaria remain affordable and a great alternative to traditional European holiday centers.

Red, white and blue – what are the seasons of timeshare?

The timeshare year is divided into seasons, which are the timeshare times that control when you can use the timeshare. In the timeshare industry the seasons names can vary, instead of the traditional summer, winter, spring and autumn, most of the time classes go in red, white and blue. This is the system used by Resort Condominiums International (RCI), although II (Interval International uses a somewhat different system of red, yellow and green, which works for all purposes and purposes in the same way.

Red weeks are often referred to as the “peak season” due to the high demand in these weeks. This is usually associated with the best weather and summer holidays – so two and three bedroom properties during red weeks are like gold dust in top resorts like Anfi Beach, Gran Canaria or Sheraton Pine Cliffs Portugal. White (or Interval International’s yellow weeks) are thought to be “mid season” and blue weeks, or green is low season.

Describing them as seasons is a bit confusing, rather than working like spring, summer, etc., timeshare timeshare times can vary depending on the club and developer who owns timeshare. For sites most in demand after continuous high demand, this can vary more. Gran Canaria is a red or high “season” due to the climate of the region and its popularity throughout the year. Public holidays give great weight to the type of week, in US resorts Independence Day or New Year’s Day in Scotland dictating the high season.

Timeshares used by RCI and Interval International are not the only systems to use though, some developers choose to use their own seasonal ratings. A prime example of this is the Marriott Marbella Beach Resort, where peak season weeks are called Platinum Time within the resort and Red Weeks with II.

Fixed and floating weeks are also subject to the timeshare seasons. The fixed time subscription for the red week is a specific date within the height of the resort season, but a floating white week can be any week available in the middle of the season. Fixed weeks (sometimes known as units) ensure not only the same time as your timeshare, but also the timeshare location within the resort. For timeshare owners who want a great view of the sea, buying a fixed unit is definitely the best choice.

If you are going to sell time or are looking forward to it in the future, the season (red, white or blue) is the most important for the selling price (in addition to the resort’s location, number of beds, etc.). Likewise for those who are considering trading or sharing timeshare through RCI or another company, the timeshare season is of real importance in “trading capacity”, that is, what you can trade for.

The different ways of signaling timeshare times often point to the demand for any other factor, and it is the best idea of ​​the price. Focusing on history is not so important because there is no universal standard among destinations. If you are about to buy timeshare in a specific club at a specific time of the year, this makes life easier if you select the week type first. In this way “two beds on my nose” would mean much more.

Top 10 reasons to spend a vacation in a nudist resort this summer

10) No funny tan lines

9) No need to take a vitamin D.

8) There is no washing when returning from vacation

7) Do not touch the surf top of the bathing suit

6) Natural appearance acquires a whole new meaning

5) No baggage checking at the airport

4) No shoes, no shirt, no problem

3) No sand in swimwear

2) Every day is really informal Friday

1) Optional clothes for clothes are just fun!

Traditionally Americans have had to go to Europe or the Caribbean to find fine clothes and optional resorts. However, in the past decade, the United States has become the world leader in nude entertainment. The best Mikas Optional Resorts Resorts are located in the United States on both coasts. They are Palm Springs, California because of the beautiful sunny weather all year round. And Florida, but watch out for those hurricanes in summer and fall. Women especially love optional clothes because they can really relax. You don’t need to worry what it would look like in a bathing suit. All guests are very friendly.

Best nudist resorts cater to couples so you can leave kids with grandparents and have a nice romantic vacation. Some optional clothing resorts cater to first-time needs and are always a great option for a perfect vacation.

Summer at Morzine Ski Resort

Morzine is a typical ski resort, but after the snow melts, it still has great appeal to tourists due to its abundant summer activities in the Alps. This can largely be attributed to its location in the northern Alps, ensuring heavy snowfall in the winter and lush greenery in the summer. Scenic views are highlighted every season with edges of climatic conditions.

With a population of nearly 3,000 people, the city is designed to be attractive all year round. After a short break in May, local elevators and facilities in June, July and August reopened for anxious mountain bike drivers, hill walkers, golfers, horse riders, hunters and caves flocking to enjoy temperatures of around 32 degrees Celsius. 650 km of pedestrian walkways and interconnected walkways, Morzine is a vibrant city with countless cafes, bars, restaurants and boutique shops.

As the temperature rises, so do vast lakes, providing delightful activities such as water speed, kayaking, water skiing, waking up from the air and even the opportunity to swim in mountain lakes.

As in winter, there are many activities suitable for thrill seekers, as mountain biking is the most common pursuit. Bottom hill track tracks are especially popular, but for the most vulnerable heart, there are also nice tours around the city and fun mountain roads.

The summer season also hosted many sporting events including the Mountain World Championship, the Mont Blanc Rally and Tour de France that will return to Morzine Avoriaz on July 11-13, 2010 for phases 8 and 9.

If you are not addicted to adrenaline and prefer a more relaxing vacation, Morzine also caters to your needs. It has eleven tennis courts, an Olympic-size swimming pool, an ice rink, two golf courses, and a summer ski, and there is even a water park nearby.

Morzine already offers exciting experiences and a warm welcome to visitors of all ages, abilities and interest including individuals, families, large groups and couples.

Family Vacation Package Guide – Where are some nice and affordable places on a family trip?

There are so many nice places that offer something interesting to every family member, from toddlers to oldest grandparents. There are some places that are reasonably priced as well. Even if you have a large family, you can still get discounts. Family vacation packages tend to offer “Kids Eat Free” deals, supervised children’s programs, spacious rooms, and free activities that appeal to everyone.

Here are some affordable destinations that include family friendly resorts:

Yellowstone National Park
trivago flight and hotel
While there are small hotels and accommodation options around the Yellowstone area, there are also plenty of camps. Just bring your own tents and enjoy the great outdoors. You have 2.2 million acres to explore. Go along some paths and try to catch glimpses of elk and buffalo.

Virginia Beach

If possible, visit either in the fall or winter when hotel prices are at their lowest. Family vacation packages are available at Virginia Beach at various hotels and resorts. There are also vacation rental options if you want your own kitchen.
spirit airline flights
Trinidad and Tobago

It is one of the most affordable family friendly destinations in the Caribbean. You can actually get two islands to explore and a variety of beach and mountain activities. Head to Invaders Steel Pan Yard to check performance by banning all-steel steels. Another fun attraction is Tobago Cocoa Estate, where you and your children can learn all about chocolate.

Breckenridge, Colorado

What about family vacation packages at the ski destination? Brick offers world-class skiing for all ages and all levels. There is also much to do in the historic downtown area. You can go during the summer and enjoy some hiking, skiing, climbing, etc. It is the stadium of winter and the final summer.

St. Petersburg, Florida

There are more than 30 high-quality family resorts in this city of Florida. For cultural attractions, stay in the downtown area. For fun days in the sun, get a beach resort. Hotels in St. Petersburg have an average rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars. In addition to the nice accommodations, there are also plenty of shopping and dining places.

Barcelona, ​​Spain

If you think you can afford the cost of a European trip, Barcelona may be the right city for you. There are some affordable family holiday packages. Not only is it a beautiful city, it is also filled with many recreational activities for children and adults alike. There are more than 500 family-friendly hotels to choose from. Additionally, it can be an educational experience for teenagers who take Spanish lessons.

These are just a few ideas to help your family get started with plans. List all places that everyone wants to visit and check family vacation packages to see what’s available.

Use the Internet to do your research on these and other destinations. It’s easy to find affordable family vacation packages using the on-site search tools. You can also simply browse to see what’s available now. Don’t forget to apply promotional codes online when booking your flight.

The best summer resorts in Bogaria

Sunny beach It is the largest and most prominent beach resort in Bulgaria. It is a blue flag award-winning resort, located in a beautiful and naturally clean bay on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast near the town of Nesebar, the St Vlas Resort and Varna Airport (30 km). Sunny beach is arranged along the most extensive coastline. With its many bars, clubs, and many thrills, shops and base created, the resort attracts a large number of spectators from all over the world. The tourist season in Sunny Beach starts from May and continues until October. Cocoa Beach is the best part of the resort’s clubs and the hottest clubs there. Most tourists often revolve around the center, with many other clubs there and during summer peaks the most spoken language there is English due to the large number of English tourists visiting the place. Tons of hotels are located in Sunny Beach to accommodate the massive influx of people during peak periods. There is a water park just outside the resort and it is considered one of the best parks in Bulgaria.

If you are looking for something more relaxed with beach bars, relaxation places and a calm atmosphere, I highly recommend it Sozopol. It is a beautiful old town that brings you back in time. Through timeless constructions, topped only by the wall at the end of the old city, it brings an exciting feel to an ancient coastal resort that calms the senses. Fresh fish “Kabani” are delightful restaurants that only offer fresh fish and seafood of all kinds, they are literally caught an hour before serving. Lots of beach bars like Aloha, Adam and Eve, with relaxing and relaxing home music relaxing senses, positioned in one of the three bays in the area, can make you feel like you’re in the Bahamas for a 5-fold cheaper vacation. Whether clean beaches or diving into the secrets of the Black Sea, the clean beaches and clean water provide the best sites to visit.

Another popular resort St. Vlas, Dinevi Brothers is best known for its local mafia bosses. They have established St. Vlas as one of the most prominent and well-maintained resorts in the Balkans. Marina is one of the most visited places in the Bulgarian Sea due to the fact that famous bars and clubs like Rococo and Planet are located there but also due to the fact that most of the millionaire boats are moored there. The place is generally stuffed with rich people and the brand Porsche or Ferrrari is everyday life there. Beaches are well kept and clean, beach bars are very Caribbean style with good service and fair prices, contrary to popular beliefs.

This is not all on the Bulgarian seashore but these are some of the most prominent sites visited by Bulgarian tourists and people during the summer. A Bulgarian once told me: “If I have never visited Sunny Beach at least once every summer, I have not gone to the seaside. It is a horrible but enjoyable place like hell.”