Solo Travel – 10 ways to provide individual nutritional supplements

In your school days, you may have found, as you did, that the economy is indeed “bleak science.” However, I learned one main fact. Supply and demand are driving prices. For single travel, additional fees or “individual supplement” differ partly in accordance with this tried and true rule. The good news? If you surf the Internet, you can find ways to save on traveling alone when your demand decreases. Bad news? The number of complementary offers, reduced or no, is limited in number, and runs quickly.

Here are 10 ways to save.

1. Don’t ask for one room. Request a “room for one person”. In Europe, housing is often sold at a single price. Make sure you know if the price is for a single standard room or a small single room. Look at the size shown for one occupant. Then consider the amount of time you will spend in your room. I often take 10 to 12 hours trips abroad with almost no time spent in my hotel room except for spending some sleep before going out again.

2. Get there first. Book up to one year ahead as few individual boxes are reduced. This is really important if you go in season. Summer vacation resorts and hot spots may make returning visitors book next year upon check-out.

3. Go to the airport when everyone returns to their homes. Off-season travel is the best way to get instant 50% discounts. In southern France, prices are dropping as fast as on September 9th. Ski resorts, such as the legendary Sun Valley Lodge, have special offers just before Christmas. In winter and spring, European discounts can be at half price as well.

4. Get excited about rainy weather or intense heat and cold. You will have to think how much you want to take this. I made a short and exciting business trip in January in Siberia. I also toured India during the monsoons. In some cases, negative statements may not affect your trip. Good example? Hurricane risk is not likely to occur in all autumn of the ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao) which makes pricing better. In Africa, for example, safari prices are lower during the rainy or “green” season if you can get away, and don’t mind the possibility of short and heavy rains.

5. Find new travel service providers. Hotels that are opened or reopened after renovations have special offers to earn or restore market share. For example, the Hotel Castille in Paris had huge discounts in the short term when it reopened just steps away from modern boutiques. After that, prices increased in line with other high-end small hotels

6. Be contradictory. Do not pay a premium for what is currently popular. Internet roaming the regions undervalued. If all this anger, prices will rise. In the 1980s, I somehow found a Montenegrin resort off the Albanian border. Since then, Sveti Stefan has been updated, as I stayed, as shown in its five-star price. The moral of the story is getting there before the crowds discover a destination.

7. If you cannot pronounce or spell it, you will love the prices! Replace the less skewed path. If you have a dream to see the Parthenon you should go to Greece. (This is unless you live in North America and want to see the perfect replica in Nashville, Tennessee.!) Regional air carriers are a good way to see largely unexplored places at low prices. One example: I dreamed of Tahiti in the early days of graduate studies. When rates were high there, Air New Zealand suggested alternatives: Rarotonga and Aitutaki. I took it at the time and took a lifelong trip to eat on stories for years.

8. Scroll the Internet for national and regional programs offered by tourist councils. Check it out as it may only be available abroad. One of the best deals I found in the 1990s was with “Lan Chile” at the time. From the U.S., I bought three backup tickets for a total of $ 200 to go anywhere in the country. At this price, I took my way to Antarctica Chile, at the end of the world!

9. Use flexible dates to grab weekdays deals. Hotels and airline prices often rise together. why is that? This brings us back to supply and demand. When planes and hotels have lower payload factors, prices are softer.

10. Share to save. Search for tours that do not have a single supplement by agreeing to participate. What is the benefit of this approach? It is a way to save if your travel dates are not flexible, and no additional low-cost deals are available.

However, before you give up on suitable single travel on your budget, look at these options.

Ophir on the Costa Verde – Portugal travel guide

The quiet beach resort Ofir is located about 35 km from Oporto on the Costa Verde in Portugal (green coast). Costa Verde is located in northwestern Portugal, where the vineyards that produce famous Portuguese wines including Vinho Verde, rose, rivers and the beautiful green countryside add to the charming regions. Not only does the region have some fascinating countryside to explore, but it also provides a great coastline with wide bays where visitors can relax on their recent holidays in Portugal.

Ofir is one of the best beach resorts on the Costa Verde, and offers good hotels, a beautiful beach and great views. The resort is surrounded by pine forests and the beach is surrounded by sand dunes. The Atlantic Ocean overlooks a long, wide sandy beach, and warm waters are very popular for surfing. Other water sports available in Ophir include scuba diving, windsurfing, boating, sailing and fishing. There are plenty of secluded bays and bays along the coast that are ideal for relaxing in the sun as a sign of choice. The boat trip is an excellent way to see the exciting Costa Verde coast.

Although Ofir has some restaurants and bars, there is a wider choice in Fao which is only two miles from the resort. Fao dates back to Roman times, is located at the mouth of the Cavado River and is a great place for fishing and canoeing. Close to the river bank, Esposende Fishing Old Town is where you can take a leisurely stroll and discover the attractive town squares and historic old buildings.

The best way to explore Costa Verde is by car. The spectacular scenery is both quiet and beautiful with its charming villages, hills, castles and churches awaiting to be explored. Another way to explore the surrounding countryside is by taking a guided tour on a bike or horse. A trip to the volcanic Mount Arcinto, where wild cats and deer roam, will give you stunning views of its summit and great photo opportunities. Take a 30-minute drive from Ofir to Portugal’s second largest city, Oporto, on a memorable day trip on your family vacation to Ofir. Oporto is famous for being the harbor of Port Wayne, a historic city with great opportunities for sightseeing, shopping, restaurants, bars and lots of nightlife along the city’s river bank. The Gothic St. Francis Church and the Bolsa Palace are two of the historic buildings in Oberto that are worth a visit. An opportunity not to be missed is a guided tour of the Oporto wine cellars, including wine tasting sessions in the cellars.

Ofir has a hot but not hot summer like southern Portugal. Average temperatures around 25 ° C during the summer with low humidity levels which make the weather conditions very enjoyable. June, July, and August have 10 hours of sunlight a day with the Atlantic waters hovering around 9C. Enjoy summer evenings at 15 ° C, ideal for dining in restaurants and a drink or two in bars. Most precipitation falls during the spring, autumn, and winter months when temperatures hover around 15 ° C.

Cheap holidays to Turkey – Turkey’s best holiday resorts

Today, Turkey is one of the favorite holiday playgrounds in the world, and this land connecting Europe and Asia has absorbed travelers ’stampede for thousands of years (although many former visitors wore armor and were victorious and plundering their minds). To experience the richness of this nation, you just have to follow well-beaten paths since ancient times. Among the most ancient prehistoric cultures in Anatolia – the motherland – this was the crossroads of civilizations: the Hittites, the Greeks, the Persians, the Mongols, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Seljuks, the Normans, the Ottomans, the French, the British and the Italians who passed and left a mark on these more complex and beautiful societies.

In Istanbul, climb the stairs outside the entrance to the waterfront of the Egyptian Bazaar and you will find yourself in Rustum Pasha Kami, the jewel of a mosque designed by the great Ottoman architect Sinan and drenched in the magnificent Eznik tiles. In Termessos, on the coast of the Mediterranean, scramble along a steep mountain path before falling in front of you an ancient Greek theater floating spectacularly on the edge of a cliff. In the Ihlara Valley in Cappadocia, small holes open up the cliff in gem-like cave churches rich in glorious Byzantine frescoes. In Antioch, another spectacular cave church exists, with the saints Peter, Paul and Barnabas secretly gathering to create and name their new religion – Christianity.

Most recommended places to see in Turkey:

1. Marmaris: Marmaris was the most popular resort for visitors who expect a good relaxing holiday. Marmaris is probably the most European European resort, although the adventure in the old quarter soon reveals the truly traditional Turkish air. Old men sit in the shade playing table games a few meters away from the most advanced bars on the waterfront.

2. ICMELER: Icmeler is very close to the main resort, Marmaris. Only 5 minutes of travel bring you a quieter beach. The relaxed atmosphere is contagious and you can spend your days sunbathing, exploring Marmaris, or taking boat trips around the bays. In the evening, you will be spoiled for choice. Icmeler offers its wide range of restaurants, bars and discos, or you can check Marmaris where the nights are still alive.

3. Bodrum: Bodrum’s coastal landscape by island, peninsula, rich bays and heads divided. In about half an hour to get there by ship, the Greek island of Kos. Bodrum is the heart of the nightlife for Turkish and European tourists. Today Bodrum Turkey is the spirit of tourism, Bodrum every summer becomes a “capital” of relaxation, jogging and swimming for millions of visitors from all over the world.

Turkey is the magical country to explore. Golden beaches, ancient history and delicious cuisine awaits you.

Sandals Resorts – Jamaica

Sandals Resorts offer romance with the letter “R”. Starting from Montego Bay, Jamaica, with the first estate, sandals now own more than a dozen (and growing) scattered over several other islands, including Saint Lucia, Antigua and Bahamas, the all-inclusive resort concept, for couples only to record “ten” to spend a month Honey for a number of reasons. For starters, their very comprehensive plan, paying in advance for almost everything, is the real winner for accommodations, meals, snacks, and bar drinks including branded alcoholic drinks, water sports, tennis, golf, tips and anything else you can think of is included in the package . Since many young couples have a set amount to spend, knowing that there will be no surprises upon checkout provide a high level of emotional comfort.

The resorts themselves are romantic and private. Guided by its founder and dynamic boss, Gordon “Butch” Stewart, the sandals have a reputation for consistently delivering what they promise: a romantic “no problem” holiday. The Sandal Standards are king size beds, lovely décor, a full range of sports and fitness facilities, and all water sports you can think of including diving and crew shining like children on their first day of summer vacation.

The fact that you can walk to any of the bars and order a drink or food without having to sign a sheet or withdraw your wallet is a huge advantage. This also applies to restaurants. You can eat the same night or eat around. You can order anything on the menu, wine, beer, mixed drinks, whatever you are in a good mood, all part of the package.

There is a huge list of activities available to guests, all of which are free. On hand to maintain an upbeat mood and arrange special activities and parties are the active game makers. If you want to go from dawn to dusk, water skiing, hiking, or play tennis or golf at Sandals Golf and Country Club, you can choose from a wide range of activities on any of the sandal properties. And if you’re tired of the scenery where you stay, you can jump on a shuttle and spend the evening in one of the other sandal resorts as part of the concept of “staying in one, playing in six, enjoying all”.

You will find many young newlyweds to share wedding stories with their honeymoon at Sandals, and since the resorts work exclusively for couples, you won’t have to share your pool space with any children. Many husbands get married here and continue to make a friendship that may last a lifetime.

The restaurants in the sandals are great. Dinner features à la carte menus, and couples can eat alone or with other couples. Breakfast and lunch are buffets, but the great touch of sandals is the “white glove” service, where the waiter takes your stairs to your table. Each resort averages four restaurants, and they all offer a completely different dining experience, ranging from casual to elegant casual. Most of the restaurants are directed to the sea, and Bali Hai’s restaurant at Sandals Royal Jamaican is already on his private island.

If you like Italian food, head to Cucina Romana, at Sandals Montego Bay, where you can dine from the fresh pasta of your choice while enjoying the sunset view from your outdoor deck. Nearby, at Sandals Royal Jamaican, the Courtyard Hotel treats its dinners to freshly grilled specialties. And if you like Japanese food, you can try Kimonos at Sandals Negril. Here you will have a delicious oriental food prepared right in front of you.

Sandals went to the Netherlands to find an authentic Indonesian chef for Bali Hai. Since the restaurant is located just off the beach from Sandals Royal Jamaican, access to it with the resort’s private launch is part of the fun. Once you reach the entrance of the restaurant, a stewardess wraps a silky colored scarf around you, “Zik” in the evening. Dinner sits on long tables where hot and spicy dishes, as well as moderate ones, are placed in the center for everyone to take.

In this elegant category, the Oleander Bay Sands Montego Bay room, the brainchild of Horace Petrkin, the general manager of the adventure resort, is on the roof and cozy décor with copper lamps, chandeliers and palladian windows overlooking the sea. This is your chance to try some delicious Jamaican specialties.If you feel hungry between meals, every sandal resort has a “barbecue at any time” that is well open at night, and serves snacks as well as a la carte. Both the characteristics of the sandals offer the same quality of services and facilities. However, the place you choose will depend on what is really important to you. Every place has its own unique attractions.

Bariloche or Las Lenas – which is the best ski resort?

When summer arrives in the U.S., ski and snowboarding enthusiasts move to South America in search of good snow and some great skiing and snowboarding experiences. Among all, Las Lenas and Cerro Catedral in San Carlos de Bariloche are the two popular names for snow sports enthusiasts. But to find out which is better, you first need to know each of the points in the details.

Las Lenas is located in the western part of Mendoza Province, and is known for its fine climate, crushed snow and great opportunities to ski outside the piste. Here the ski season starts from mid-June to mid-October. The Las Linas Ski Center opened in 1983 alongside a 300-bed hotel. It also includes a skateboard and ski school for people of all ages, as well as childcare facilities. You will also find a small shopping center with ski shops, a bank, a supermarket, souvenir shops and chocolates. Las Lenas can be reached by bus, car or plane.

On the other hand, Cerro Catedral is located about 19 km from San Carlos de Bariloche, inside the Nahuel Huapi National Park. This is one of the largest ski centers in South America with over 100 km of ski tracks. Probably the most popular among ski enthusiasts due to ideal skiing with excellent views of Lake Nahuel Huapi. With so many hostels and hotels at the foot of the mountain, Bariloche has become the most popular tourist destination in Argentina with lots of skiing, trekking, water sports and climbing.

Cerro Catedral offers many opportunities for all types of skiing such as freestyle, off-piste and even cross-country skiing, which has many bars and bumps where snowboarders can show their abilities. The cathedral offers an advanced snow making system that produces real snow flakes covering a ski surface of about 10 hectares.

Bariloche has an advantage over Las Linas

If you only target skiing and snowboarding, Las Lenas is perfect for you. But Bariloche has an added advantage of other activities that tourists can do apart from skiing and snowboarding. Moreover, if you are looking to experience some true Argentine culture, Bariloche is the place to look for. Las Linas may disappoint if you want to see Argentine culture.

Once again, Las Lenas is a much smaller city compared to Bariloche and has expensive residence facilities with only skiing opportunities. However, Cerro Catedral near Bariloche is equipped with all kinds of modern facilities directly from medical facilities to currency exchange facilities to budget accommodation.

If you are not snowboarding or skiing on the Cerro Catedral slopes, you can take a city bus to get to Bariloche, where you can immerse yourself in a lot of other activities. You can easily go for excursions to the Chocolate Museum or stroll around Circuito Chio. Fly fishing, ATV tours, day trips to resorts like Cerro Bayo or to towns like El Bolson or horse riding – a variety is available here. But when snow is at its best, you’ll likely spend more and more time on the Cerro Catedral slopes.

If you want to enjoy snow, Bariloche and Las Lenas are almost the same in terms of fun-filled snow activities as snowboarding and skiing. But for a more complete vacation, Bariloche has no other competition.

Is Madonna Di Campiglio the greatest ski resort in the world? Probably

Do you want to ski? Do you like the huge resort getaway? Do you like Italian food? Well, I have an idea for a winter vacation! It’s called The Madonna di Campiglio, which is the largest ski resort in Italy. She has more runs, better access to those runs and the widest range of accommodations in any ski resort getaway in the country. And maybe any country.

The amazing thing about this resort is that they have built up a lift system that is almost a public transport system. Rather than making you discover the elevator that will take you to the top of any running, this system uses one gondola as a central transportation, with which you can access all the runs you want to try. You can take the gondola from your hotel (!!) to connect with this central center, then go out at your station, go to the gondola that eventually takes you to the top of the run, then go.

This is great for skiers who want to hit various tracks throughout the day, but also want to avoid spending hours wandering down the mountain, and know how to get to all of them. With the size of this place, it will make for a very long day!

Well, let’s look at where to stay. Conclusively, it provides hotels, hostels, cabins, apartments, chalets or apartments depending on your needs and budget. You can choose to stay within the original village area, or move to uniquely developed remote areas.

As the resort grew, groups of accommodations were developed to match the various running classes and their location. If you are a beginner and plan to spend your time in the easiest running, they are on this side of the mountain, so you can choose from accommodations in the same area. If you are more advanced and want easy access to the most challenging jogging there, you’ll choose from the institutions created near those running. And all of these areas have their own gondola service that takes you to the main system! Again, no hiking.

Most of these hotels offer modern amenities and all the luxuries you can hope for in the best resort holidays. However, within different “regions”, some are better known than others. For easy access to expert itineraries, the top rated hotels in that area are The Majestic, Hotel Milano, Hotel Cristallo, Oberosler and Savoia Palace. If you want easy access to easy running, your best hotel options are said to be Bertelli, Hotel Laura, Miramonti, Ariston, La Baita, Alpina and Campiglio Bellavista. There are also many apartments, chalets and apartments in the two regions as mentioned previously.

Of course, there is no good ski resort overlooking skiing activities in April. Some places not to be missed are La Stalla, Bar Suisse, La Cantina del Suisse and Franz Josef’s Stube. There are also 3 discos to choose from, or switch between if you still have the energy.

If skiing is not right for you, you can also go skiing, climbing, or skiing in areas designated for these activities. You can also take a scenic tour of the area, which is organized regularly. Brenta Massif is one of the best known natural monuments, which features rocky traces of outrageous colors and limestone-like castle formations. There is also Nardis, a 300-foot-high waterfall. These tours in Madonna Di Campiglio are also available during the summer …

Vail Ski Resort – unique in many ways

There is much to say about what is special about Vail Ski Resort. They take care of many things for you, making it easy to relax and enjoy your vacation. The staff at Vail are trying their best to make sure you have a great time – from elevator operators to retail staff to hotel bell staff and waiters in many upscale restaurants. They use the belt line “like anywhere on earth” and this service, along with the many amazing dining, shopping and accomodation options, really make sure that Vail lives up to its reputation.

Vail has a large number of quality accommodation in its two main villages – Vail Village and Lionshead Village, as well as Golden Peak and the external areas of Vail. Luxurious hotel accommodations like The Arrabelle Hotel, for example, offer impeccable service and all the amenities you would want like a rooftop pool and I-pads that connect you with concierge and room service. Of course it is snowboarding, as well as skiing, which gives you the utmost comfort to and from the slopes, as well as a ski server will help you wear your shoes if you need them!

Food lover options in Elephant are enormous! The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is ideal for families with sweet teeth for toffee apples, truffle candy, or try fine $ 18 hot chocolate at Hotel Sebastian, complete with gold dust.

Fine dining restaurants abound in Vail – you can taste delicious cuisine from the famous Sweet Basil or La Tour in the Vail Village, just be sure to make a reservation. Innovative bars like Frost mean guests can party in an exciting setting with premium drinks served all the time.

Vail also offers indulgence in the most likely places – Bol in Vail Village is a bowling alley doubling as a smart restaurant. Bowlers can consume delicious wines, champagnes, and dishes on starters, while demonstrating their skills in defeating these pins.

It’s very easy to navigate Vail, which shows again how committed they are to making everyone’s visit enjoyable and easy. Buses run from village to village every few minutes, and they are free and accurate. Even as you walk around the city, you will be helped when the weather is cold, with open fires and heaters spread all over the pedestrian areas, as well as great sculptures for surfing. There is even a fountain with a fire dance, as it can be seen completely on a beautiful cold winter evening.

If you want to spend time shopping, there are all kinds of upscale boutique establishments in Vail. From Gorsuch to jewelers to crystal stores and fossils to cowboy boots, you can find them all in Vail, plus abundant art galleries of course. So you can squeeze as much as you want to do (and get the energy for it!) Or of course relax and do not do much at all, whatever your heart.

Now we have not started talking about the mountain! Suffice it to say that Vail Ski Resort is famous all over the world for some reason – it is the largest ski resort in Colorado, USA and really has ski for everyone. It introduces the front side for beginners, with intermediate to advanced tours with grooming tools, glass, slopes and chutes to choose from. The back bowls of Vail are really legendary. Most vessels are left natural and nothing else like them, especially on powder day. Miles and miles of terrain extend as far as the eye can see, waiting for you to explore.

Beauty, spaciousness and the luxurious nature of everything are worth seeing. Find your soul “only in an elephant”.

Discover Chambery France

Chambery is located in the heart of the French Alps and is once the capital of Savoy. It is located near Lake du Bourget (Lake Bourget), which is surrounded by the alpine mountains that surround it. Chambery is a city that can be visited in winter and summer. In winter, there are a number of ski resorts within a short drive. In the summer, the Alps became the same as the skiing, hiking trails and backpacks.

The Chambery Center is “Old Town”, where it houses a palace, the residence of the Dukes of Savoy, a 15th-century cathedral and a museum of fine art. There is also “Fontaine des Elephants” (Elephants Fontaine) which was built in honor of Comte de Boigne, who gave the city a lot of wealth. Much of his personal wealth came from India, hence the elephant Fontaine.

The Chambery Center offers not only tourist attractions, but also many shops to buy your favorite French goods. If you’re lucky then it might be Market Day and you can buy some fresh local produce. Like many cities in France, Chambery is not only charming, it is also small enough to walk comfortably. You will be able to see the center without feeling foot pain! But if you have this fear, there is a tourist “train” that takes you through the center and allows you to visit with the least amount of walking possible.

Chambery is a good base for exploring the French Alps, especially during the winter, as it is a short drive from ski resort cities such as Grenoble, Albertville, La Clusaz, Courchevel, Alps de Chamonix and Val d’Isere. Other outdoor activities are available in summer, including hiking and camping. Chambéry is close to three national parks, Parc national de la Vanoise, Parc Naturel Régional de Chartreuse and Parc Naturel Régional du Massif des Bauges. Other nearby natural attractions include Lac du Bourget and Lac d’Aiguebelette. Two other popular summer lakes are Lake Annecy, an hour’s drive and Lake Geneva, two hours’ drive away.

Chambery is easy to reach because it has a modern airport. The official name is Aéroport de Chambéry. Airport code is CMF. Currently, there are a number of “no suspense” airlines such as Flybe and that have regular service to Chambery. These airlines fly “without excitement” from selected major European destinations such as Amsterdam and Brussels, as well as UK destinations such as Birmingham, Exeter, Manchester and Southampton.

Chambery can also be reached by car from the A41 Autoroute 13 exit, Chambery Nord. Chambery is just over an hour’s drive from Lyon and about seven hours’ drive from Paris. Chambery can also be reached by train. If you are planning to come from Paris, the best thing you can do is take a TGV, it takes only an hour and a half and then move to a regional train in Lyon that goes to Chambery.

Chambery can also be used as a base for visiting other European cities and countries such as Geneva, Switzerland and Turin in Italy. Each is within two hours by car.

For information about accessing Chambery see ==> “>

Myrtle Beach here we come

When our family plans a trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, it will be like the night before Christmas all over the house. We usually start packing like the former Baltimore football team, Colts. Under the hood of darkness, we load the car with fishing gear, coolers, luggage, some snacks, and some lemonade.

Although it is only 7 hours’ drive from the Baltimore Washington area, we usually do it at around 10. This is true for 10 hours. First we must skip the mixing bowl in Springfield, Virginia, which seems to take forever. Then there are the outlet stores where my beautiful wife should simply pause to reload her collection of every shoe known to the type of woman. We also have our favorite eating spots, and of course the trip is not complete without stopping the fireworks. Our son will need fireworks from at least 2 different vendors along I-95 South. Not the type that sits on the ground, exhaustion like a game book, but things that fly to the sky, illuminate our summer nights like the space shuttle from Cape Canaveral.

I’m ready to take on shopping for shoes, fireworks, and six other stops that make up a 10-hour trip because by the end of the days we’ll finally reach one of my favorite East Coast hometown’s most favorite holiday destinations, the stunning Myrtle Beach.

The best way to start a day at Myrtle Beach is to stroll sunrise along the Atlantic coast. Myrtle Beach is divided into two regions, North Myrtle Beach and South Myrtle Beach, and there are many adventures on both sides.

Did you say the south side? Well, the south side is the oldest side of Myrtle Beach, but new development always happens. One of the biggest attractions on the south side was Pavilion Amusement Park which celebrated its last season in 2006, but not all is lost. Some popular games and artifacts have become part of the Pavilion Nostalgia Park. Nostalgia Park is located on Broadway on the beach, which opened in the spring of 2007.

Herschell-Spillman Carousel, Tea Cup Kiddy Ride and The Caterpillar Ride are all alive in the new Nostalgia Park.

If you need more adventure, try the family kingdom water park.

They & # 146; The replay is located at 300 South Ocean Blvd. The family kingdom also has an amusement park. Stop at an ice cream shop and get a ladle or two like locals, or check out the largest garage sale in South Carolina from 7 am to 12 noon on September 15, 2007. It will be held in Myrtle Beach parking garage.

Three levels of shear bargaining. Start early to pick up the best deals. You’ll find & # 146; You’ll find everything you need for the beach including sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen. You’ll also find things like luggage, handbags, dollar items, and things for the home.

For mall shopping, check out The Coastal Grand. This mall opened in March 2004. This is the newest mall in Myrtle Beach. They have a great dining hall with lots of entertainment. There is no such thing as shopping in the mall, you can almost live there if you love shopping as much as we like.

Looking for oceanfront accommodations? Just take in this exceptional resort.

Crown Reef Myrtle Resort is surrounded by Bar 3 Golf Course on one side and Whispering Pines Golf Course on the other. Crown Reef Myrtle Resort will simply take your breath away. This huge resort has a 125-foot front pool, where its clear blue waters invite you to dive. This charming property is almost magical at night, as wonderful purple lighting illuminates the southern night sky.

If you are looking to invest in timeshare, just walk across the street to the South Beach Resorts owned by a South Carolinas Premiere Premiere Burroughs & Chapin developer. This is one of the latest developments on the south side. Burroughs & Chapin also owns The Crown Reef Myrtle Resort. I have already seen plans for further expansion which will include high-rise apartments right in front of the beach right next to the Crown Reef Myrtle Resort. These developments make the southern tip of the Ocean Blvd in Myrtle Beach. The place to be when on vacation.

There are great options for dining around the south side or just outside your door.

Remember that the second and last hotel on the left is the Crown Reef Myrtle Resort. It is a wonderful sight overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. To experience this type of luxury just visit [], All meeting room stresses will disappear with just one click.

North Myrtle Beach is full of some of the best dining options you’ll find in the state. There are many Calabash seafood restaurants that feature the latest seafood you will find anywhere. Fresh crab legs, jumbo shrimp, garlic butter mussels, steamed clams, and clams on half shell jumps from the dish with flavor. While dancing your taste buds to a delicious tone, you will enjoy a feeling of satisfaction as all the seafood craving is quenched.

Now you can burn some calories and hike through many local attractions such as the Ripley Aquarium where you can see sharks swimming near you so you can count the teeth rows in their mouths. Check out some antiques stores. You’ll also find some great deals at pawn shops in Myrtle Beach. You’ll find it organized and professionally managed.

Along & # 147; Grand Strand & # 148; You will find the best quality hotels, restaurants and golf courses. Wait a minute. I didn’t even mention 60 miles of warm white sandy beaches. How do I forget that? I am not one to swim in the ocean, but I couldn’t resist wading into the mighty Atlantic Ocean in Myrtle Beach. To get this, or a better experience in South Carolina’s finest resort city, leave your fingers to click [] For hotels, event tickets and car rental. There is so much to choose from that you won’t be able to do all of this in one trip. So, visit Myrtle Beach in South Carolina for more fun than you have had in a long time.

Hop into your bathing suit or not – discover optional beachwear in Europe

Europeans often do not share the American feeling of humility, and the nudist beaches are many, widely popular and socially acceptable. Many Americans are unfamiliar with San’s experience with textiles but they often find the experience exciting while on vacation in Europe’s most liberal sandy stretch. Some beaches are more crowded than others but all have an optional clothing policy. Sunbathing, swimming, even water sports and jogging can be enjoyed in most of the nude beaches in Europe. So, if you decide that you want to “do what the Romans do” and skip showering, do sunscreen and consider vacationing without tan lines in some bare locations in Europe.


Once again, Croatia is astonished by a place that attracts almost all types of travelers and is not disappointed about their birthday suit, or going to the beach. Located on the Mediterranean Sea, Croatia has some of the best beaches in the world. There are many short islands that also boast of tourists, most of whom simply take boats to them for the experience of going to the natural beach. It’s a good place to go if you’re still too shy to wear yourself naturally because the beaches are less crowded. They also have camping and sports on Hvar Island. Experience Paklina Beach on Brac Island or resorts on the beaches of Valta and Vrsar, to name a few.


When most people imagine the bare beaches in Europe, they most likely envision a beach somewhere in France and for good reason. France has some of the most famous nudist beaches in the world and many resorts that cater to their needs. You can find great beaches on both coasts of France. In southern France, sunset Mediterranean beaches are especially ideal in all aspects. Languedoc-Roussillon is one of the best in southern France. Some villages are entirely dedicated to naked lifestyle with optional dress-up policies throughout the city, not just beaches like Cap d’Agde. However, the most famous beaches in France are located in Saint-Tropez, except that they were famous in the 1960s by Bridget Pardo. Atlantic side beaches such as those in Brittany and Bordeaux regions are equally beautiful, especially Euronat.


Mykonos Beach is one of the most famous nude beaches in Greece. This is especially popular with the younger crowd because here the party never ends. From the sun to the sun the party goes down and the tops go down. During the height of the summer season, on beaches like Paradise Beach, the original nude beach, crowds can feel crushed, so if you prefer more space between you and the naked neighbor, you can go out to some of the lesser known although they are still popular and the beautiful nude beaches nearby . Although the more private the beach, the less likely there is to be a development including toilets or refreshments but you will get the added benefit of getting a better view of the ocean instead of the backside of your neighbor. There are two beaches known as the Red Beach, one in Greece and one off the coast on Crete. These are well-known beaches offering a break from the crowds and red sand that gives their names warm and attractive. Elia Beach is another good beach and a favorite of the LGBT community. Another great beach is Paraga Beach. It’s a hippie haven but also has less strenuous crowds. You also have the added bonus of having lots of restaurants, shops, hotels and hostels to meet your needs.


A long time ago, the Swedish people had a love affair with blocking all the wonderful nude beaches. It is very popular and widely accepted here. It is worth noting that even in summer, the water on the coast can be quite cold but it can also be energized. The summer sun warms the beach sands to an enjoyable temperature, so it’s a great experience. Agista Beach is perhaps the most popular beach. It is just outside Stockholm, so it will be easy for many travelers to reach. If you are looking for privacy and small crowds, Säbyträsk, located 30 minutes north of Stockholm, is a good choice for you although there are basic amenities here only. Truvebadet is another great beach that has more amenities. It has an optional clothing policy and lots of amenities to enjoy it as well. Because of this, you can expect more crowds but nothing like overwhelming numbers on some of the popular beaches in other parts of Europe.